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OL-UT-haalarimerkkejä (2 €), -laulukirjoja (5 €), -suunnistuspaitoja (40 €) ja -buffeja (8 €) myynnissä! Tiedustelut hallituslaisilta.


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In English

On this page you will find some information on OL-UT in English. Remember to drop in every now and then to check the latest news! To keep yourself automatically updated, register to the site to start receiving e-mails! You can also find us in Facebook.

OL-Universities of Turku is the academic orienteering club of the town. Actually it has only a little to do with orienteering but we really try to focus on having a good time with those who love the sport. If you don't love the sport but you believe that you might like the people who do, don't hesitate to pay a visit to one of our events!

We organize trainings weekly, competitions monthly and several random events yearly.


Yearly and random events we organize and participate:

  • OL-UT cup, including 8 events. The most wanted championship among OL-UT people.
  • The Nordic Student Championships (NSM) in Orienteering.
  • 10mila orienteering relay in early May in Sweden.

Register on the site to get your info e-mails regularly! Contact anyone from hallitus for more information.